FiberLine HD WireTrim Edge Cutting Tape 8654290, 1/4-Inch X 100 Feet


WireTrim Edge Cutting Tape 8654290

1/4-Inch X 100 Feet. Medium-tack adhesive, developed for applications where less adhesive strength is preferred. Contains a braided synthetic fiber filament. Offers excellent cutting strength, and cuts through thick non-abrasive coatings. Conforms easily to compound curves and tight corners. Trim a wide variety of coatings, from medium durometer polyurethane to high durometer polyureas.

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WireTrim Edge Cutting Tape

FiberLine HD WireTrim Edge Cutting Tape

FiberLine is a single-sided paper masking tape similar to the original FiberTrim with several technical advancements. A high-strength braided cutting filament is located securely along the outer edge of the adhesive surface and the all new FiberLine is traverse-wound on a plastic spool to prevent damage from rough handling and common workplace contaminants. FiberLine features a low-tack adhesive suitable for situations where the paint finish might be marginal.

Applying WireTrim Edge Cutting Tape


The main function of WireTrim Edge Cutting Tape is trimming through strong coatings from the bottom up. The method involves the use of a small high-strength cutting filament, adhered to the edge of adhesive tape and positioned on a surface along the desired trim line where the coating is to be applied. After applying a coating, the filament is pulled upwards from beneath the new coating, achieving a clean cut from the bottom up, separating the masking material and tape for easy removal from the border of the new coating. The method produces a perfect edge without leaving a mark or in any way damaging the exposed surface or disturbing the adhesion of the new coating.

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